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...Improve your appearance without plastic surgery.

rejuvapen atlanta

Rejuvapen® at Skin Matters MedSpa ATLANTA


We’re proud to introduce the latest method of improving facial, physical appearance without receiving full-on plastic surgery. The revolutionary Rejuvapen®, which happens to be one of the best options to treat wrinkles, has arrived at Skin Matters Atlanta MedSpa!


rejuvapen atlanta

How does Rejuvapen® work?

This technology allows the practitioner to repeatedly pierce the skin with 11, 33-gauge micro needles (smaller than most lancets used to check blood sugar levels in diabetics). Don’t worry; they only go 2.5 mm into the skin at a maximum. The depth of the treated condition determines the appropriate puncture depth.


Based on the body tissue’s natural ability to release growth factors and heal, the small punctures result in diminished appearance of skin problems and a drastic improvement to the health and natural state of the skin. The tiny puncture wounds result in the body’s recognition of an injury. The associated bleeding and platelet release in the tissue becomes a cascading process to rejuvenate the skin.


While healing the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, grows. Fibroblasts, which produce the precursor to collagen, move to surround the injured area and undergo mitosis, or cell-replication. Furthermore, they build a new framework, known as the matrix, outside of the cells that gives structure to skin. We all possess this structure naturally; however, injuries and age weaken it.


Next, the tissue begins to grow and repair itself rapidly, revealing youthful, smooth and glowing skin!



Your first visit to learn about this procedure is called the consultation. You will be able to ask questions about how the procedure works and what kind of results you can expect. You will need to inform the practitioner of your medical and physical history. Be sure to include any type of allergies you have.


It would beneficial for you to stop smoking and drinking, if you do either of these, for the day of your procedure. This reduces the chances of excessive bleeding or injury to your tissues. Furthermore, don’t wear any makeup, creams, or lotions on your face to the procedure.


What does the Rejuvapen® treat?

  • Acne scars
  • Burn scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Tattoo removal
  • Stretch-marks
  • Wrinkles and signs of aging


See before and after pictures with the Rejuvapen®:



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