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Waxing treatments are a semi-permanent removal of unwanted hair. Hair re-growth is slower and finer with no coarse stubble.  Skin Matters Atlanta Med Spa offers a selection of anxiety-free, low stress waxing for first-timers or pros. Waxing hair removal treatments, including: Brazilian wax, bikini wax, back and chest wax, chin wax, eyebrow wax, and lip wax.


What is a Brazilian?

A Brazilian wax is a full bikini wax, resulting in a nude crotch (unless a specific area is requested), eliminating worry of stray hairs while wearing bathing suits or close fitting lingerie.  Our waxers are fast and efficient reducing skin discomfort to our customers.


Bikini Wax

With a bikini wax, we remove any hair that shows outside of the bikini line, so you can keep your underwear on while we perform the wax.  We can also clean the top line of the bikini.


Back and Chest Wax

Many men appreciate our efficient back and chest waxing services.  The earlier you start waxing your back and chest, the easier it will be.  You will stay hair-free for weeks.  Back waxes include the shoulders as well as upper arms and neck, if requested.


Chin Hair Removal

Unlike tweezing unwanted hair from your chin, hair by hair, a chin wax is fast and leaves a very smooth surface.  Chin waxing removes all hairs, even light fuzzy hair that can be difficult to remove using tweezers.


Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrows are a key defining feature of every face, and occasionally need maintenance to keep them beautiful.  Waxing increases the time between hair removal over tweezing so if your eyebrow hair grows back fast, consider eyebrow waxing at Skin Matters.


Lip Waxing

Having a professional lip wax ensures the most painless experience and ensures all hair is removed lasting longer than at-home remedies.