laser hair removal - for darker skin tones

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Safe and effective Laser hair removal for darker skin types

Skin Matters uses the Candela Mini Gentleyag for delicate darker skin types. Candela is the gold standard for safe laser hair removal for skin types 4, 5 and 6. Skin Matters has administered over 100k laser hair removal treatments on dark skin types. All lasers are not equal. Please call for a free consult from one of our locations in Roswell or Buckhead.

Common Areas Treated with Laser Hair Removal

Arm Laser Hair Removal – underarm hair removal as well as dark hair arm removal
Bikini Line and Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal – don’t stress about bathing suit season with a laser bikini/pubic hair removal package. The Skin Matters’ bikini line hair removal package is very popular with our clients, with more people requesting the Brazilian hair removal treatment to eliminate any unsightly hairs no matter what size or style your bathing suit.
Facial Laser Hair Removal – both women and men can battle constantly with tweezing and/or shaving unsightly fast-to-return facial hair. Laser Facial Hair Removal is a permanent and time-saving solution.
Body Laser Hair Removal – From male back hair removal to chest and abdominal hair removal, Skin Matters has a laser hair procedure to leave you with a smooth great looking body.
Leg Laser Hair Removal –Skin Matters’ clients swear by the laser hair removal treatments they received on their legs, no longer needing to carry the laser around and check the ankles for stray unsightly hairs: permanently smooth hairless, stubble-free legs and no more shaving!

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