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laser hair removal

The Skin Matters professional esthetician team use state-of-the-art lasers to treat hundreds of clients each day for the removal of unwanted and unsightly hair. Unlike most practices that utilize just one brand or wavelength of laser, Skin Matters employs 2 different lasers- the Candela Yag and Candela Alexandrite. Our ability to choose the FDA-approved laser that best matches your skin type enables us to treat you with the utmost in safety and comfort.

Lasers used by Skin Matters.

We will use the right laser for your skin type.
Candela Yag: A revolutionary long-pulse single wavelength medical laser that is very powerful. This high energy enables the laser to effectively and safely remove unwanted hair on very dark and tanned skin.
Candela Alexandrite: Specifically designed to be used primarily for painless laser hair removal.
Candela Mini Gentleyag: Specifically designed for delicate darker skin types.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted unsightly hair exposing the hair to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. Lasers can localize the treatment to just the hair follicle, the area that causes hair growth, while not affecting the rest of the skin. Hair itself grows in several phases and thus the laser can only target the active growing hair follicles. This means that a series of laser hair removal treatments are required to provide the desired end result: smooth, hair-free skin.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ:

Why should I choose laser for hair removal?
Lasers provide a long-lasting result so after a few sessions (6-8 is recommended), you will have permanently* smooth bare skin. *90% of clients have permanent hair loss in 6 or less sessions. Some clients may require further treatments. Traditional hair removal methods only offer temporary results, in some cases with hair returning the next day!
Is laser hair removal comfortable and/or pain free?
During the treatment, when we use the laser on the hair follicle, you may feel a small “pinch” as the laser pulses; however, you should not feel stinging or worse effects. You experience minimum discomfort during a Laser Hair Removal treatment, and many clients report that the sensation is much more comfortable than waxing or electrolysis. You can also ask your esthetician about numbing cream for your visits.
What areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal?
Skin Matters’ hair removal lasers can safely treat any body part except for areas close to the eyes. See our section below, Common Areas Treated with Laser Hair Removal.
Are some people better candidates for laser hair removal than others?
Many medspas can only offer laser hair removal for individuals with light skin and coarse, dark hair hair. However, Skin Matters provides hair removal on all skin types, including delicate darker skin types using the Candela Mini Gentleyag.
How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?
A number of factors determine the length of time for a treatment. Skin Matters plan for adequate time to complete the process according to the comfort level of each client. As a general rule, legs and backs take an hour to an hour and a half, while an upper lip may require 8 to 10 minutes. The front of the neck or underarms can take as little as 20 minutes.
Who performs laser hair removal at Skin Matters Med Spa?
All laser hair removal treatments are performed by one of Skin Matters’ well-trained medical estheticians. Each esthetician is extensively trained and has compliant State of Georgia training and certifications, before being permitted to perform any laser treatments.
Why do I need to come to an initial (complementary) consultation?
The initial Skin Matters consultation is the key step towards permanent hair removal. Your Skin Matters consultant will determine whether you're an appropriate candidate for successful treatment. During the consult we will perform a test spot to make sure you do not have an adverse reaction to laser treatments. You can start your package 48 hours after the test spot.
Additionally, you will learn how laser treatment works and how much it costs. Our consultants understand the concerns a first time client may have, and are committed to handling your concerns in a professional and caring manner. All information provided will be handled in strict confidence.

Common Areas Treated with Laser Hair Removal

Arm Laser Hair Removal – underarm hair removal as well as dark hair arm removal
Bikini Line and Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal – don’t stress about bathing suit season with a laser bikini/pubic hair removal package. The Skin Matters’ bikini line hair removal package is very popular with our clients, with more people requesting the Brazilian hair removal treatment to eliminate any unsightly hairs no matter what size or style your bathing suit.
Facial Laser Hair Removal – both women and men can battle constantly with tweezing and/or shaving unsightly fast-to-return facial hair. Laser Facial Hair Removal is a permanent and time-saving solution.
Body Laser Hair Removal – From male back hair removal to chest and abdominal hair removal, Skin Matters has a laser hair procedure to leave you with a smooth great looking body.
Leg Laser Hair Removal –Skin Matters’ clients swear by the laser hair removal treatments they received on their legs, no longer needing to carry the laser around and check the ankles for stray unsightly hairs: permanently smooth hairless, stubble-free legs and no more shaving!

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