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Skin Matters Offers Cosmetic Laser Training Certifications and hands on training for a variety of Medical Spa services.

Come join our classes! And fully expect to be mentally challenged and practically taught by our two new Medical doctors and instructors.

Andrea L Volk, MD. (Dr. V). Is Board Certified in Dermatopathology by the American Board of Pathology and The American Board of Dermatology and Board Certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology by the American Board of Pathology. Dr. V has spent years teaching in her field and has enjoyed guiding schools in the process of gaining accreditation. Students will especially enjoy Dr. V’s the higher education content in her lectures.

Our second new instructor is Dr. Burt. He specializes in Urgent care medicine. His love of teaching physics began in medical school. His has an undergraduate degree in physics and experience in teaching post graduate education to medical students. PA’s, NP’s and RN’s will particularly enjoy his the content of his class. He is able to connect the complicated science of laser optics to the cosmetic medical field. Students will enjoy is wit and casual yet informative presentation.

Fall will soon be here! And SO will our exciting new curriculum! Have you ever dreaded taking require classes, for fear that the Instructor will rehash out dated and boring information?

Our ever evolving curriculum content is guaranteed to interest and challenge the most seasoned Laser Practitioners.

Text the following number to find out when the next Cosmetic Laser Class is available: 770-605-6094. (Please do not leave a voice message, as there seems to be some difficulties with the system.)

The classes are taught at Skin Matters, a full-service Medical Spa and Training Facility located in Buckhead. The comprehensive classes are taught directly by a licensed Medical Doctor. We have trained hundreds of students in regards to medical esthetic procedures. And many of our former students are actively working at medical spas and are currently State Certified Cosmetic Laser Practitioners.

Our classes provide physicians and students an opportunity to learn the fundamental characteristics of laser light devices. The one day class provides three different classes and three certificates.


-Students such as PA’s, NP’s, RN’s, cosmetologists and esthetician’s must have active and current licenses.

-Students must be over 21 years old.

This course provides the physician or non-physician staff member an opportunity to learn the fundamental characteristics of lasers and light devices and how to apply those fundamentals to common applications to improve efficacy without increasing complications.

We offer 3 different laser training options:

Cosmetic laser certification training class - 3 Hour + Preceptorship

  • A 3-hour class spent learning laser with a laser technician.
  • 60 hours of preceptership.
  • The class covers intense pulsed light, laser safety, post-burn care, advice on how to prevent lawsuits and basic laser physics.
  • After attending this class and obtaining your certificate for Georgia, hands-on training is available.
  • Price: $900.

Cosmetic laser certification training class - Two-day class

  • Two-day class
  • Hands-on laser training for nd:yag Candela gentlase, Cynosure elite, Quaudra 4 IPL, and Lipo Laser.
  • Price: $2000.

Cosmetic laser certification training class - Three-day class

  • Three-day class.
  • Hands on training for nd:yag Candela gentlase, Cynosure elite, Quaudra 4 IPL, and Lipo Laser plus Hyfrecator, microneedling, derma blading, micro current and microdermabrasion.
  • Price: $2500.00.

You must hold a license as a Master Cosmetologist, Esthetician, LPN, RN, APRN or PA. to qualify for our training courses and to apply to the Georgia Medical Composite Board.

We Offer:

  • A comprehensive curriculum that includes a 60-hour preceptorship.
  • We teach Microneedling, Deraplaning, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Lipo Laser, and Cavitation.
  • Assistance with the Medical Board application, which includes complimentary notary services.
  • Convenient, interest free payment plans and if you recruit another student, we will extend a discounted price.
  • We will price-match other companies that offer equivalent courses/certificates.
  • Job placement for qualified candidates based on job openings and availability within our vast network.
  • Group discounts to train your staff.
  • We limit class size, to promote students' interaction and optimize retention of curriculum.
  • Class curriculum covers Basic Laser Safety & Physics and the following photo modalities.
  • Quadra 4 Intense Pulse Laser, Mini Gentlease Alexandrite/755 NM Wavelength, and Variable Pulsed Gentle Yag Nd: Yag/1064 NM Wavelength.

Cosmetic Laser Training Certificate: FAQs

Where is the Cosmetic Laser Training course offered?
Our course is taught at our Buckhead Med Spa. Clases are Mondays or at pre-scheduled dates, Call 770-605-6094 to get more information!

What can I expect during the Cosmetic Laser Training?
The class covers theory and in-depth training on each technology.
You will then break out for hands-on use of each laser with an opportunity to feel what each device feels like.

How do I get started?
Call 770-605-6094 to schedule your Cosmetic Laser Training with Skin Matters.

Contact us:
School Admissions Director: 770-605-6094

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Text the following number to find out when the next Cosmetic Laser Class is available: 770-605-6094. (Please do not leave a voice message, as there seems to be some difficulties with the system.)

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Call 404-228-7080. Dial 7 for Laser Training and leave a message 24/7.

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