Certified Laser Training Course

We have set a curriculum designed to cover the two most in demand laser treatments in Medical Spas, Dermatology, and Plastic Surgery offices – Laser Hair Removal & Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

Give yourself an edge over other Estheticians (both with clients and employers) by expanding your knowledge of laser physics and theory. Students will review the human hair cycle, will be trained in the most current hair removal technologies, and will gain a greater knowledge of the most successful hair removal laser, the Nd:Yag. Patients see the best results when estheticians follow the proper guidelines and are well versed in the technology.

Sun-damage and aging skin effects 90% of spa clients. Students will learn about the aging process, types of sun damage and how Photofacials can remove freckles, sun spots, couperose and red tones. Estheticians who master this technique will see repeat business and an increase in clientele.

• Laser physics and safety
• Anatomy of skin and hair
• Understanding tissue interaction
• Skin typing and analysis
• Identifying the right client
• Pre and post-operative care
• Managing adverse events
• Medical terminology
• Machine settings and operation
• Treatment technique
• Performing a client consultation

If you have any questions
about our Laser Practitioner Training Course,
text Lisa at (770) 605-6094!